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We perform various types of general procedures. The main ones we offer are hernia repair, excisions and biopsies.

Inguinal & Ventral Hernia Repair

A ventral hernia is an irregular bulge through a muscle opening in the abdomen, most commonly through an area of weakness that develops a tear or hole. It’s sometimes caused from an accidental or operational incision.

Inguinal hernia repair closes that weakness in the abdominal wall near the inguinal canal, which is the area where the testes descend from the body into the scrotum.


Excisions are a surgical procedure done to completely remove a bone, tissue, tumor or an organ from the body. They are very commonly used in relation to cancer.

Some examples of things we’d perform excisions for are a lipoma, sebaceous cyst or pilonidal cyst. A lipoma is a benign tumor comprised primarily of fat cells. A sebaceous cyst is one filled with fatty matter secreted by a sebaceous gland that’s been blocked. This type is a common skin cyst. A pilonidal cyst is an unusual pocket in the skin containing skin and hair debris. It’s almost always situated near the bottom of the tailbone right above the buttocks.

Skin & Soft Tissue Biopsy

When a skin biopsy is done, skin tissue is removed, processed and examined for diagnosing or ruling out specific skin diseases and conditions. Soft tissue is the same except it’s the removal and examination of soft tissue for diagnostic reasons.

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