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Trauma is a physical wound or injury to the body caused by some external source, like an accident or violence.
Types of trauma include:

  • Abdominal — trauma to the abdomen
  • Blast injury — trauma caused by an explosion
  • Blunt — trauma caused by impact or another force
  • Chest — trauma to any part of the chest
  • Facial — trauma to the face
  • Geriatric — trauma in the elderly
  • Head injury — trauma to the head
  • Pediatric — trauma in children
  • Penetrating — trauma where the skin is pierced by an object
  • Polytrauma — multiple traumatic injuries
  • Spinal cord injury — trauma to the spinal cord
  • Traumatic asphyxia — trauma to the torso and lungs that interferes with one’s ability to breathe normally or at all
  • Traumatic cardiac arrest — cardiac arrest from a blunt trauma

Treatments for trauma victims are either non-operative or operative. Non-operative treatment tends mostly to abdomen, chest and neck injuries, as well as blunt trauma victims, while operative treatment is used for musculoskeletal injuries.