General Surgery

Most of the procedures noted below are performed by all of our surgeons; however, each surgeon does have areas of special interest and training.

  • Alimentary Tract


    Bowel Resection

    Gastric Resection

  • Breast


    Breast conservation & mastectomy for cancer

    Mammosite catheter placement for radiation therapy

  • Endocrine





  • Colorectal

    Colon & Rectal resection for benign and malignant disease

    Surgical Treatment of anal disease including abscess, fistula, and hemorrhoids

  • General

    Inguinal & ventral hernia repair

    Excisions [e.g. lipoma, sebaceous cyst, pilonidal cyst]

    Skin and soft tissue biopsy

  • Hepatobiliary

    Cholecystectomy (gallbladder)

    Liver biosy/resection

    Pancreatic (including Whipple procedure)

  • Oncology

    Surgical treatment of most cancers [breast, colorectal, gastric, hepatic, lymphoma, pancreatic, thyroid]

    Splenectomy and lymph node biopsy

    Place portacath and Mammosite catheters

  • Trauma

    Non-operative & operative treatment for trauma victims

  • Vascular

    Surgical treatment of arterial and venous disease

  • Weight Loss

    Gastric Bypass

    Gastric Sleeve


  • Diagnostic



  • Robotics

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Da Vinci Robot

Laparoscopy, including advanced techniques, is often the approach of choice for many of the above surgical procedures. We do perform laparoscopic bowel & colon resections, Nissen fundoplication/hiatal hernia repair for GERD, adrenalectomy, splenectomy, inguinal & ventral hernia repairs, nephrectomy (kidney), etc.

Educational Videos on Procedures